Bucket list

I had the idea of writing a bucket list to collect the things I absolutely want to do but not had the chance to do right now.


  • Be in a straitjacket inside a padded cell
  • Together with someone I like in a padded cell, we both straitjacketed, and unable to remove the straitjackets by using locked SJs or both are gagged / hooded or one is gagged and one blindfolded
  • Trying a maxcita sleepsack
  • Buying myself a prisoner sj and trousers from No Escape
  • Forced to visit Folsom Europe in a straitjacket with a master I trust
  • Bound with a Kirby Morgan Diver helmet on my head
  • Extend my Shibari-Skills
  • Try as much different straitjackets as I can (will be difficult ticking off 🙂 )
  • Flying in a sleepsack
  • Tying a skin boy
  • Being tied in a situation which includes a spreader pant
  • Sleep in a bondage sleepsack
  • Getting knocked off before a session and wake up bound
  • Tying one in American football gear


  • Extend my breath control skills and jerk off only using BC
  • Let a boy jerk off only with tit play
  • Getting a catheter (not easy due to a phimosis)
  • Being keyholder of a proper slave and owner of his dick and orgasms

Everything else

  • Buying a proper skin outfit (Rangers, trousers, braces, bomber jacket)
  • Weld an own cage
  • Weld a bed with cage underneath
  • Be part in a fetish photo shooting
  • Trying / Buying American football gear
  • Visiting Mr.S. Leather in San Francisco
  • Buying a MCU gasmask
  • Do a normal day in Berlin wearing my locked leather collar
  • Mudding in cross clothes together with my BF
  • Getting a leg sack for my maxcita straitjacket
  • Getting high-viz-clothes from STRABAG
  • Getting hot firefighter gear
  • Get myself a custom designed puppy hood

Fetish people I want to meet in real live and play with

  • This list is hidden…